For our Young Adults

We are with you where and when you want us. We care about you and will be with you as you prosper on your financial journey. Trust us to put you on the road to financial independence and responsibility. Come along and learn about our services for you.


First things first. You need to open a Regular Share Account (RSA) with a minimum balance of $100. Invest some of your holiday, graduation, or birthday money into your financial future. Keep building the balance with your extra cash for your rainy day fund. Experts say that you should keep a minimum of six months’ worth of your monthly expenses for emergencies in your savings account.


This is where your money gets moving. This is the account where your money will come and go with everyday deposits and withdrawals. We have no minimum balance requirement and this account is free. So start with a sum of money and track what you spend so that you don’t run out of funds.

  Convenient Add-ons

Once you set up a checking account, you will want our free Debit card. This card will access your checking funds through point of sale swipes or swipe and/or sign pads or paper at stores, restaurants, and other retail outlets. Some merchants offer “cash back” in addition to the purchase you make. Super-fast and convenient. Remember to keep track of what you spend so you don’t embarrass yourself by trying to use the card and being denied because there isn’t enough money in your account. Not cool. So be smart and track your expenditures and account balance.

You may also want a checkbook just in case you have to pay the old fashioned way. For whatever checks you write, you need to track those expenses as well and subtract them from your account balance. If you write a “bad” check (a check returned unpaid), you’ll be charged a fee by both the payee and the credit union. Be smart and don’t waste your money on unnecessary fees.

  Windy Mobile (Mobile Banking)

Once you have a savings and checking account, you will want an easy means to manage your money. Download our free app from iTunes or Google Play app stores on your phone. Windy Mobile will enable you to see your account balances, transfer funds between accounts, send e-alerts to remind you about things you choose to be reminded about, check on rates, find our branches & ATMs, tell you our office hours, and much more. We can be with you at the touch of your phone. Remote Deposit Capture (deposit by photo of check) is coming soon.

  Online Banking

Sign up for online banking through this website. This service can do all the things that Windy Mobile can do and more in a safe and secure way. Apply for loans, change passwords, do account maintenance, print forms, etc. This is another service that’s available 24 X 7.


Need some “green”? You can access your KFCU savings or checking accounts with our Debit card. Usage is surcharge free at Bank of Hawaii ATMs in Hawaii. A $1 credit union fee is waived at certain Bank of Hawaii ATMs on the Windward side of Oahu and at all of our branches.


Want to build credit for future borrowing power for your sweet ride or dream home? Start with the loan products described below and you’ll be on the right path to get your big purchases when you’re ready.

  Fully Share Secured VISA Credit Card**

Did you know that it’s a hassle to rent a car or buy stuff online without a credit card? A credit card is better to use for online purchases because it avoids possible hassles when the transactions or goods go wrong. Yes, sometimes things do get messed up and have to be fixed. On the rare occasion that it happens, remedies are easier with credit cards.

To get started, we offer a VISA card if you agree to freeze and pledge a savings amount of 110% of the card’s limit in a non-interest bearing savings account. For example, you could get a $500 limit by securing $550 in your savings. There is no qualifying for it. You freeze it, you get the card. Getting credit when you have no credit record is difficult. This program is an excellent way to start a credit record. Pay your card on time and other credit offers will come quickly. Your parents may be willing to spot you the money so that that they won’t have to co-sign or guarantee the card. It’s a way to jump start your financial independence and responsibility.

Call us or come see us for details.

**Must be of legal age

  Fully Share Secured Loan**

Rather than withdraw your savings for a large purchase, consider freezing and pledging your savings and making a loan for the amount you were going to withdraw. The frozen savings get released as the loan balance goes down. The frozen savings is in a non-interest bearing account so as it gets released, transfer it to your interest earning account. You don’t have to qualify for the loan and this program is also a great way to start your credit record. Make your payments on time and other credit offers will come. Most people don’t have the discipline to restore savings that they withdraw. By making a loan against it, you preserve your savings and build your credit record.

Call us or come see us for details.

**Must be of legal age

Once you build a good credit record by paying your credit obligations on time, you earn future borrowing power! Prove yourself as creditworthy and we will be here to help you get that sweet ride or dream home. Remember, we’re your trusted partner on your financial journey. We help you get started and we’re here for you along the way.