Share Accounts


Regular Share Account (Savings Account)

Our share account is your first step to establishing your membership and becoming a member/owner.

Savings made easy

  • Low initial deposit – just a $5.00 deposit gets you started with your beginning balance to enjoy the value and benefits of membership.
  • Earn more – with only a $100 minimum balance.
  • Service – whether its on the phone or at any of our branches, you will find a special level of caring, friendly and professional service. You are part of our family.
  • Convenience – use our free online or mobile banking service to access your account where you want, when you want.

Checking Account

Our free checking account has all the features you need and more. Convenience, value and benefits tailored to fit your financial needs.

  • Free Checking - no minimum balance required. No monthly fees.
  • Free Online/Mobile Banking - access your account anywhere or anytime for transfers, balance information, research what has cleared your account or view images of all your cleared checks.
  • Free Online Bill Payer - an easy, convenient and fast way to pay your bills. No checks, no stamps, no hassle
  • Free Check (Debit) Card – provides ease, security and convenience for purchases or ATM access. Self-controlled features such as: locking your card, viewing transactions, setting travel notifications, setting restrictions, and reporting lost/stolen card.
  • ATM Network – no surcharges at all Bank of Hawaii ATMs. Click here to see a list of free ATMs
  • Windy Phone – get real time information on your account or make a transaction 24 x 7 using our Windy phone, an automated telephone service. Just call 1-800-544-0930 and you are good to go.
  • No Waiting – temporary checks can be issued so you can start using your account immediately.
  • Security – your cancelled checks are kept with us and are available online for you to view & print at your convenience.

Money Market Account

The higher the balance, the higher the rate.

If you tend to keep a higher balance in your savings account, our money market savings may be just what you need to maximize your earnings with full liquidity, flexibility and safety.

  • Complete Flexibility – no time or maturity limitations.

Term Share Account

Term Share Accounts provide a great combination of good rates, flexible terms and the safety of a federally insured account.

  • Low Minimum Deposits – a minimum $1,000 deposit.
  • Flexible Terms – we offer options starting at 6 months to 60 months.

Super Certificate

  • A One Time Bump Up Option – enjoy the protection of our one time bump up feature to a higher rate should our certificate rates increase during the term of your certificate.
  • Flexibility – enjoy the flexibility to make a one-time withdrawal (without penalty) or a one-time additional deposit during the term of your certificate.
  • Low Minimum Deposit – a minimum $5,000 deposit.

Special Accounts

Christmas or Vacation Account

If you just want to keep a separate account for that special vacation trip or for Christmas purchases, our vacation or Christmas account may interest you. It is set up as a separate sub account apart from your regular savings account for easy record keeping.

  • Flexibility – a great way to save and the money is yours to withdraw whenever you need it.
  • Easy to use – set up an automatic deposit or transfer for a convenient savings program or just deposit when and how much you want as you please.
  • No monthly fees – no minimum balance and no monthly fees.
  • Earn more – with only a $100 minimum balance you will be on your way to earning interest at the regular savings rate.

IRA, Trust, Club & Business Accounts

  • Regular & Roth IRA Accounts – Both savings and certificate accounts are available. Enjoy safety, security and favorable rates for your retirement needs.
  • Trust Accounts – Revocable and Irrevocable Trust accounts are available.
  • Club & Business Accounts – Savings and checking accounts are available.

Kids Accounts

An account for those who are SPECIAL to you!

  • Open with a minimum of $25.00
  • No monthly fees
  • For Kids Ages 0-12 years
  • Earn points on deposits to redeem for prizes